University Crisis Hotline



Who can ask for counseling?

You can send a request to our Crisis Hotline and receive anonymous qualified counseling, if you are:


Terms of counseling

Our counseling is free of charge (and is available in English). Counselors are employees of RSUH Institute of Psychology.


How can you send your request?


How does it work?

You send the request, our psychologist processes it and sends you the answer in 2-4 workdays with the professional comments, suggestions and recommendations (in particular - about options of further work or additional support).

You may exchange letters with a psychologist about a particular problem (it could be up to four letters in total: two from each side).

You can send us any number of requests about different problems.

After that, if you wish, you can continue working with a psychologist face-to-face.


You should address to the University Crisis Hotline:


What can you expect?

Psychologist can give you his professional feedback and help you analyze your problem (its reasons, meaning, ways to solve it). He can also share valuable information with you - for example, other people experience, useful links, literature recommendations, etc.


Whatever problem you have, you can start exploring it together with a psychologist and define your first steps to solve it!

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