The Rector’s Address

Efim Pivovar

Dear Friends!

Russian State University for the Humanities is a higher education institution with rich traditions and many years of experience in both educational and scholarly work.

RSUH is the leading institution of Russian Liberal Arts education for the humanities.The University offers all kinds of degrees: B.A., specialist, M.A. Ph.D. and has postgraduate programs.

Russian State University for the Humanities is an educational institution that trains specialists in all areas of knowledge in the field of humanities.

Drawing upon more than three hundred years of the Russian higher education tradition, as well as upon the experience (and example) of two unique Russian educational institutions – Alfons L. Shanyavsky Moscow Public University and Moscow State Institute for History and Archives – RSUH is the rightful heir to the traditions of these excellent institutions in its mission to help revive the atmosphere of art and culture in education.

The university’s academic and scholarly activities are aimed at supporting the genuinely democratic development of Russian politics, economy, social and cultural life.

Corresponding member,
Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor of History
Rector Efim I. Pivovar 

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