Session of the committee of historians and archive studies specialists of the RF and the Czech Republic

The event took place at RSUH November 18-20.  The agenda included the conference “Scholarly, cultural and social ties between Russia and the Czech Republic”, the round table “T. Masaryk in the social life of the Czech Republic” and discussion of the 2014-2015 Program.  Rector Pivovar presented the book on modern historiographic research in Russia and the Czech Republic, the compendium of articles of which he is the Editor-in-Chief. The main items of the Protocol were: holding the next session in 2015 in the Czech Republic, organization of regular Moscow-Prague video sessions and sharing of research experience.

Открытое заседание Российско-чешской комиссии историков и архивистов Открытое заседание Российско-чешской комиссии историков и архивистов

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