Joint project «RSUH – Dickinson College (USA): Skype lessons»

Joint project «RSUH – Dickinson College (USA): Skype lessons»

The project, organized by the Department of English of RSUH, enabled the students of the two countries to communicate in Russian and English

Mackenzie King (DickinsonCollege)

Skyping with Russian college students is always interesting. Last time, I was able to speak to a student about Russian and American politics. She studies American politics, while I study Russian, so we were able to exchange our different impressions of each other's system of governance. Being able to speak with people our age who are also studying ensures we always have something to converse about.

Leah McNamara (Dickinson College)

Skyping with similarly aged Russian students is a great experience to practice speaking with a native speaker and learn about Russian culture. The students are relatable and interesting to talk to and it is great to hear first hand about Russian life. The immersive but understanding situation may take you a bit out of your comfort zone, but it really instigates interesting conversations and practical and applicable Russian skills.

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