Solzhenitzyn Scholarship Award Ceremony

The event took place April 26. The Scholarship was created by the RF Government in 2009 for students excelling in journalism and literary pursuits in general.

The expert committee, chaired by Rector Pivovar, narrowed the number of candidates to the shortlist of 10 winners from 8 Russian cities.

Вречение стипендий имени А.И. Солженицына в РГГУ Вречение стипендий имени А.И. Солженицына в РГГУ

The ceremony was attended by Rector Pivovar, Mrs Solzhenitsyna, President of Solzhenitsyn Foundation and Mr Bilenkin, Deputy Director of the Department of Research and Education Policy of the Administration of the President of the RF.

Вречение стипендий имени А.И. Солженицына в РГГУ IВречение стипендий имени А.И. Солженицына в РГГУ

The Scholarship winners this year are Ms Alexandra Guskova (RSUH), Ms Yulia Alieva (State Linguistic University at Pyatigorsk), Ms Anastasia Bzhitskikh (Gorno-Altaisk State University), Mr Sergey Geraschenko (Saratov State Law Academy), Ms Liina Kanadzhy (People’f Friendship University of Russia) Ms Maria Koryakina (Magnitogorsk State University), Ms Alexandra Kotovskaya (Kamchatsky State University), Mr Rodion Petrov (South Federal University), Ms Nadezhda Samsonova (Northeast Federal University), Ms Tatiana Khudyakova (Murmansk State Mining University. 

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