RSUH Supervisory Board

As part of the implementation of the optimization plan, the Academic Council of RSUH has decreed to create a Supervisory Board which will be comprised of the leading specialists in humanities, and Moscow governing bodies as main employers of the University. There is nothing extraordinary in the creation of such an organization as it has always been a tradition of RSUH to work publicly, with maximum openness and to coordinate its efforts with those of academic and social community.

Dr. Artizov, Head of Federal Archive Agency, will chair the Board. Other members will be Dr. Antonova, Director of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Dr. Tishkov, the RAS member, Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Chubaryan, the RAS member, Director of the Institute of General (World) History, Dr. Asmolov, member of the Russian Academy of Education, Dr. Pechatnikov, Vice-Mayor of Moscow for social development, Metropolitan Hilarion, Mrs. Solzhenitsyna, and others.

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