Students celebrated European Christmas

Students celebrated European Christmas

On December 17-24, over 250 students participated in the 2nd International Student Festival “History. Culture. Language". They demonstrated an excellent command of English, German, French and Spanish.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the School of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Student Affairs, held the first student festival conducted in foreign languages last year. It was attended by Russian and international students of RSUH.

The format of the event included creative contests (essays, computer presentations), quizzes, theater and interactive performances, poetry and song contests.

It was decided to make the event traditional.

This year the festival is held again in December, on the eve of the European Christmas, which meant that many participants paid special attention to the cultural traditions of Christmas and New Year holidays in different countries, and traced the influence of historical and cultural events on the formation of the language.

On December 24, the final event of the 2nd International Student Festival “History. Culture. Language" was held.

In the first part, art essays were recited. Especially poignant was the work “Let’s make our days important” by Ms. Beskova, a junior at the Department of History, Political Science and Law, who spoke excellent English.

In the second part, Journalism freshmen presented small but very informative messages that were the result of the linguistic studies quiz “UK vs. USA”.

At the end of the event, beautiful lyrical songs in English were performed, with “All I want for Christmas is you” among them.

The conference was attended by students of International Relations, Institute of post-Soviet and inter-Regional Research, School of History, Political Science and Law, School of Journalism, School of Archival Affairs, and others.

The organizers of the Festival and the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the School of International Relations, would like to thank the participants and guests of the festival and wish them creative and academic success in the upcoming year!

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