RSUH students toured the Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On March 20, 2019, 1st year graduate students were taken on a tour of the Museum, conducted by Mr. Barulin and met with Mr. Nalobin.

Despite the digital progress, the diplomatic courier service remains the main and reliable mode of high-level international communication. It is carried out by diplomatic couriers.

The tour took place in one of the seven "Stalin’s Skyscrapers" in Moscow. Exhibits and stories about the history of the Russian diplomatic service immersed the group in the era of the formation of Russian Diplomacy.

After the tour, which lasted more than two hours, the students met with Mr. Nalobin for a Q & A session.

Mr. Pyotr Barulin is a Ph.D. in Law and a former

diplomatic courier. He served as a radio operator in the Far Eastern Military District, in Khabarovsk. He resigned with the rank of Sergeant Major. He came to work at the Foreign Ministry on the recommendation of the district committee in 1967. After the meeting, he said, “Wonderful students, very inquisitive. They listened attentively and asked questions. And when you see such great listeners, who give feedback, you want to share more information with them. I want to point out that this tour was longer and more detailed than usual. "

Mr. Nalobin, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Press, said, “The meeting with the students showed a high level of specific and general knowledge. It could be seen that they are acquainted with the main international issues of our time, keep up with the news. They asked sincere questions about what really interests and worries them. ”

Mr. Nioradze, student of Sociology: “Mr. Barulin conducted a thorough tour that lasted more than 2 hours. During the tour, he told us about the deceased diplomats, who until the last minute had been fulfilling their duty, and also talked about the work of the diplomats and diplomatic couriers of today. In addition, the museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of several expositions that display the uniforms and personal belongings of diplomats of the Russian Empire (A. M. Gorchakov and others), the USSR (V. M. Molotov, etc.) and the Russian Federation (E. M . Primakov and others). … The issues we discussed were of both “philosophical” and applied character. … I would like to express my sincere gratitude for organizing this tour. In addition, it is necessary to specifically thank Mr. Barulin, who conducted a tour of the historic building, and Mr. Nalobin, who answered our questions. Such events allow students of RSUH to see the prospects for professional and personal development. ”

 Ms. Gushchina, student of the Sociology, said, “The impressions of the museum are wonderful. It was very interesting to listen to the history of the Ministry and to see the beautiful exhibits in real life. In the conversation with Mr. Nalobin we discussed the most important issues related to international politics. In the museum, what impressed me the most was the Chinese book, which can be spread out over the entire room, as well as the spire from the skyscraper of the Ministry. ... Mr. Barulin shared with us very interesting information about Chicherin, Molotov and Kollontai. Mr. Nalobin answered all questions, I specifically remember they information he shared about Lugansk, Donetsk, Ukraine and the phenomenon of “fakenews”. ... ”

Mr. Dugin, student of Sociology, added, “The museum is interesting, but the most fascinating exhibits are tucked away in the corner, and the best place is allocated to the what can be seen on the Internet. There are many unique exhibits. It is unfortunate that we were not allowed onto the observation deck (for security reasons), but even through the window of the 21st floor we enjoyed a beautiful view of Moscow. The mode of conversation with Mr. Nalobin was more of a confidential sharing of opinion than a formal Q & A session. ”

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