Ceremonial transfer of WWII awards took place at the RSUH

At the session of the Academic Council on December 24, a ceremony was held for the transfer to RSUH of awards and military relics of WWII found by a Mexican Eduardo Cruz. Orders of Glory and Red Star, merit certificates, commemorative medals and military IDs will be placed in the Hall of Military Memory. Dr. Yershova, Director of the Knorozov Mesoamerican Center of RSUH handed over the memorable awards to Rector Bezborodov.

Mr. Cruz and his associates from the Eternal Flame volunteer organization have been engaged in the restitution of military decorations for many years. They are bought at auctions and flea markets, and then returned to owners or their relatives. In order to do this it is necessary to study archival documents and consult experts. So the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH lends a helping hand as it is the oldest school of archival studies in the country.

Dr. Yershova said, “Fate brought us together with this amazing Mexican: a young boy, a jeweler who has nothing to do with Russia, buys military awards with his own money and returns them to their rightful owners. We decided to help him, started looking for relatives and did find several. Mr. Cruz returns military decorations only to those who have evidence of kinship with the owner, and who can convince him that they will not try to resell the award. At first, we decided to transfer unidentified awards to the Museum of the Armed Forces, but there are issues with the admission procedure. Therefore, it was decided to create a Military Memory Hall at RSUH. The numbered orders have already been transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Russian Embassy in Mexico. They will then be sent to the Presidential Administration with the note “To RSUH” and we will pick them up from there. I brought the rest of the awards from Mexico myself. ”

“This is an important event, and not only because in 2020 we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War,” said Rector Bezborodov. - The other day Dr. Yershova held a meeting with the employees of the Presidential Directorate for Science and Education Policy, where she demonstrated all the possibilities of the architectural ensemble of our building on Nikolskaya Street. We saw additional opportunities we can use, including via the formation of the Center for Historical, Cultural, Civilizational and inter-Civilizational Research, which would be associated with the study of anthropogenic systems, of man in modern society. The step our foreign partners have taken is very valuable. I hope we will continue this work. ”

The agenda of the Academic Council session also included awarding diplomas to Maxim Lebedev and Daria Chubukova, winners of the Knorozov Scholarship.

The budget report for 2020 was set out by Ms. Svetlana Tretyakova, the Chief Accountant. She spoke about the main budget allocations: education, research, development and maintenance, international and other kinds of activity, etc.

Rector Bezborodov drew attention to the need to improve management efficiency and to the fact that the role and authority of the Academic Council should be steadily increased.

“Everything related to the key issues of the development of the university is discussed and implemented by this body, including a system of effective contracts,” Rector said.

In 2020, RSUH is planning to restore the Museum of the History. A working group was also formed for steering issues related to the 75th Victory anniversary.

Vice-Rector Larisa Pastukhova spoke about the All-Russian competition of youth projects in the field of education for the Russian territories, "My country - my Russia".

Dr. Natalia Stepanova, Head of the Diploma Issuing Department was awarded a certificate “Honored Worker of RSUH”.

Dr. Natalia Velikaya, Chair of the Department of Political Sociology and Social Technologies, was awarded a commendation for many years of conscientious work and irreproachable professional conduct.

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