Researchers discuss visual art and literature at the international conference "The 27th Lotman Readings"

The event took place December 20-21 at Meletinsky Institute of RSUH.

This year, the topic of the conference was “Text within Text”.

The section "Literature and Visual Art" comprised twenty presentations made by faculty of RSUH, HSU as well as several foreign experts (Estonia, Ukraine, US).

The reports touched upon both the specific real life episodes as well as the general theoretical considerations about the functioning of the visual image in the cinema, writing strategies in the literary field, the study of literary characters as “authors” of their own life scenarios.

The “Folklore Studies” section gathered experts from the Center for Typology and Semiotics of Folklore (RSUH), Laboratory of Theoretical Folklore Studies (RANEPA) and Folklore Department (RAS). The experts examined various aspects of borrowing and interrelations in folklore: the problem of genre contamination, pseudo-folklore stylizations, changes in folklore texts, folklore borrowings in fiction and naive literature.

There were almost no empty seats at the Conference. Many students and faculty of RSUH and other universities have been participating in the Readings for a long time.

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