Training sessions from Adidas company

A series of training sessions was held in November-December for RSUH Management majors, overseen by Dr. Bikbaeva and Dr. Lashkevich of the Department of Management.

The first session was held for the International Management seniors. The students were led by the Ms. Lovchenovskaya, an Adidas representative, and their task was to give advice on increasing brand loyalty on a case study basis.

The second session was held for the freshmen, who were asked to develop a personal motivational card. The participants first compiled a list of their wishes and goals, methods for their implementation and potential obstacles. Then they went on to decide on the percentage distribution of various life activities (body/health, work, communication, hobbies) and got acquainted with various driving forces behind motivation. All this formed the basis of a personal motivational card.

The Department of Management welcomes events held jointly with international companies and looks forward to continuing cooperation with Adidas.

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