Thirty countries participated in the 13th Historical UN Model

The Model was organized by the students of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies and held on November 18.

Ms. Teona Chanturiya, Model General Secretary, said that the Model’s main goal was to spread the UN ideas among the youth. The student participants will be defending the interests of their chosen states, thus practicing diplomatic, oratorical and linguistic skills.

Rector Bezborodov gave a welcoming speech, in which he said that the discussion of the declared topics was key to understanding the strategy of Russia of today.

Vice-Rector Pavlenko said that the professional skills developed during such events would increase their future chances of desired employment.

Vice-Rector Arkhipova said that the Model was reaching a new level, having been born, as it were, in the “Courts of History” organized by Professor Basovskaya.

Vice-Rector Zabotkina welcomed the participants, saying that the skills acquired at the Model would help create interactive alignment in the future.

Dr. Medvedev, Dean of the Department of International Relations, said that the Model would help create true experts in international relations.

Dr. Kuznetsov, Head of the UN Information Center in Moscow, sent a welcome letter, in which he wrote that for the future diplomats it was crucial to become acquainted with the UN procedural rules.

On the last day of the Model each group will write a summary containing a possible solution to the issue under discussion.

The proceedings will be concluded with a reception, at which future diplomats will be honing their informal communication skills.

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