RSUH teachers participated in the international conference «Globalization, communication and cultural change: transformation of local communities and online communities»

The Conference was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Deli, India, on November 4-6, 2019, organized by Global Research and Educational Foundation, India and ISA Working Group 01 on Local Global Relations.

The list of the topics discussed included: cultural diversity and national approaches to preservation of social legacy and territorial identity, globalization and transformation of work relations on all levels, socio-cultural risks during global social processes, alienation and new social fears, migration, new media communication models, IT technologies and transformation of local communities.

Dr. Velikaya, Chair of the Department of Political Sociology, presented a paper on socio-cultural threats and risks during globalization in Russian public opinion. Dr. Ilyinichna (Department of Applied Sociology) spoke on the subject of medical experts and globalization, Dr. Tsapko (Department of Political Sociology and Social Technologies) spoke on the subject of the quality of life and electoral behavior of Moscow dwellers with university degree, Dr. Lazukina (Department of Political Sociology and Social Technologies) spoke on the subject of socio-cultural risks of global social processes.

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