“The future of our past”: Conference participants discussed communication issues in the history of Russia and Europe

The International Conference was held at RSUH on November 14, traditionally organized by the Department of History and Theory of Historical Science.

The topics discussed varied from modern communication practices in historiography in Russia and abroad, appearance of new methods and development of new schools.

The plenary section included presentations by Dr. Illeritskaya (RSUH) on communicativeness in historiography, Dr. Usachev (RSUH) on the movements of Russian scribes in the 16th century, Dr. Alipov (RSUH) on iconographic method in Russian history, and others.

The conference was divided into three sections:

  1. Historical communication (presentation in classical times, Middle Ages, relations between the Kingdom of Rus and Poland, Russian history of the 18th century, communicative practices of the 20th century)
  2. Works of young experts (presentations on new academic schools of research, communicative practices in Russia and China, phenomenon of intellectual biography, gender studies, history as applied to museums)
  3. Republican idea in Russia from antiquity to the 20th century (round table)

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