“Make a difference”: startup competition winners declared

The competition was held at RSUH on November 12, 2019, organized by Department of ForeignLanguage and pre-Universitarium for high school students, freshmen and sophomores. The topics of presentation varied from green technologies to animal rights to organizing RSUH space. There were 12 presentations.

The topics were curated by Dr. Kuzmina, Dr. Uvarov (Department of Foreign Languages) and Dr. Kostenevskaya (presenting the pre-Universitarium).Below is the list of winners.1.Viktoria Kamenskaya (pre-Universitarium), – Lab-grown Meat. 1 place2.Viktoria Malyutina (pre-Universitarium), - Floating Cities. 2 place3.Alina Sinelnikova, Kseniya Kuznetsova, Valeriya Sharapova, (sophomores) - Co-working Space + Stationary shop. 3 place.The next event is planned for the Spring semester of 2019-2020.

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