Lecture “Interethnic and interconfessional relations among students” held at RSUH

Lecture “Interethnic and interconfessional relations among students” held at RSUH
The event was held on November 12, organized by the Department of National Policy and Inter-
Regional Relations of Moscow as part of the larger program of forming civic identity among the
youth in Moscow.

The event was moderated and co-moderated by Mr. Kantemir Khurtaev, Co-Chair of the All-
Russian Interethnic Youth Union and, respectively, by Dr. Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Student
Affairs. The list of participants included:

  • Mr. Albir Krganov, member of the Civic Chamber of the RF, Mufti of the Spiritual
  • Assembly of Muslims (Moscow)
  • Mr. Ruslan Kurbanov, expert on Caucasus affairs, member of the HiGH Council of the
  • Russian Congress of Caucasian Nations
  • Mr. Magomed Khakirov, Deputy of Representative of the Chechen Republic under the
  • President of the RF
  • Mr. Aleksey Vaits, expert of the Council of Interethniс Affairs under the President of the RF

The guests were welcomed by Vice-Rector Martynov.

The students discussed the issues of adaptation, self-realization, interethnic and interconfessional
relations among students, and Russia’s national idea. Experts were advising the students and
describing the pertinent projects they could participate in.
Mr. Vaits positively assessed the discussion, saying, among other things, that it was time to look
in the future, not to focus on past problems.

Mr Krganov, having also praised the significance of the event, said that it was very important for
experts to meet with young people as it was the young people that could help the experts feel the
challenges of today. The Mufti also said that the youth in Russia was very educated and, by their
own assessment, the state of the interethnic relations could be described as stable.
Vice-Rector Bolkvadze said that he considered such events very important and useful for all the
parties involved.

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