The 2nd international conference “Architectural ceramics: art and technology"

“Keramarkh”, the first museum in Russia fully dedicated to this kind of ceramic art opened in Gosudarev Bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress. On the occasion of the event the Conference was organized, with RSUH in the steering committee.

Dr. Svetlana Baranova, an expert in Russian architectural ceramic art, senior research fellow at the School of Art History of RSUH, said: “Cooperation based on interests common to researchers, production experts and museum workers is becoming more and more productive. The University is planning to organize exhibitions and museum programs for students aided by faculty of RSUH”.

It was at RSUH that the first Department of Museum Studies was opened and in 2017 the conference “Archeology of artistic vision: contexts of art and history” was held, focused on restoration, collection and exposition of ceramic art, represented by the most durable objects in human culture. In 2018 RSUH supported the idea to create the Museum of Architectural Ceramics, now a part of St.-Petersburg Museum of History.

The Conference proceedings included presentations by Dr. Baranova on the un-launched project of architectural ceramics exhibition in Moscow in 1935 and by Dr. Pechyonkin, Chair of the Department of Russian Art, on the ceramic elements in the house of the architect Solovyov in Moscow.

Organizers: RSUH, St.-Petersburg State Museum of History, Keramarkh Museum, the Hermitage, Institute of Archeology of the RAS, Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Development, Pallada restoration and construction company.

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