The conference “Henri Meschonnic and modern humanities: language, literature, society" opened at RSUH

The event opened on September 26, organized by the Department of Romance Philology at the Institute of Philology and History of RSUH. The conference is dedicated to the legacy of Henri Meschonnic, linguist, poet, translator. It is open to general public.

The presentations will focus on the legacy of Henri Meschonnic, specifically his rhythm theory and general principle of poetics.

The plenary session comprised presentations by Dr. Ushenina (Chair of the Department of Romance Philology), Dr. Sioli, Professor of the University Grenoble Alpes. Russian researchers as well as experts from McGill University (Canada), Paris 8 (France), University of Strasbourg (France) and University of Tartu (Estonia) will have an opportunity to compare their methodological approaches and share their expertise.

The movie “Henri Meschonnic or the Rhythm Poetics”, which summarizes the legacy of Henri Meschonnic, will be shown at the Conference.

The Conference will conclude on September 27.

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