Elections to academic council

RSUH is holding meetings for students of all majors for candidates to be elected to Academic Council (a collegiate body for the management of RSUH). First, a delegation from each Department will be chosen to be present at the Centralized Conference, which will be followed by the General Conference of Students, Faculty and Staff to elect acting members of the Council.

Since Monday RSUH has held meetings for Department of International Relations, Department of Archive Studies, Department of Document Studies and Technotronic Archives, Department of History, Political Science and Law, Institute of History and Archives, Department of Information Systems and Security, Institute of Linguistics, School of Journalism, Department of Intellectual Systems in Humanities, Institute for post-Soviet and inter-Regional Studies, Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies, and Institute of Psychology. The students have already elected 100 representatives for the Centralized Conference, to be held September 20, 2019.

Many students were active enough to nominate themselves. Students representing all levels were nominated, and the procedure itself has been conducted on the basis of preferential voting as there were more nominations that the number of the officially given quotas.

The meetings are open and will continue till September 17, 2019. 

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