Student initiation ceremony

The ceremony was held on campus, on September 6, 2019.

It traditionally began with a percussion piece, followed by the speech by Rector Bezborodov, who said to the freshmen, “We are glad that you have made the right choice. The number of applications this year was very high and we were able to accept a lot of talented youth, which puts a great responsibility on all of us. We are seriously considering altering our syllabi as they need to be set up in such a way that you can be educated, both academically and practically, in full compliance with the competition-related demands of the day. We hope you will be remembering RSUH as the organization that gave you a start in life. Your opinion is very important to us, so please express it freely as it has a uniting value for students and faculty.  Thank you very much for choosing our University, for understanding the importance of humanities, the heights of which we will be reaching together”.

The next speech was held by President Pivovar, who said, “Student years are one of the best periods in life and we are glad to be the ones providing it for you. Our University has long since earned the respect of both students and potential employers. According to Forbes, we are one of the top five Russian universities, whose graduates are the most sought-after by employers. The student years is the most carefree, yet the most demanding period, too, as so much is hanging upon you now. I hope that the sunny weather in your heart will remain there for years to come. I wish you success and luck!”

Dr. Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, also gave a speech, saying, “Let the student years be the brightest in your life but let the main goal be to acquire the best education you can, so I wish you all to graduate with honors. I would also like to thank the Admissions-2019 Committee, the faculty, staff and especially the volunteer students, who will be awarded commemorative prizes and citations”.

This is a record year for international student admission, as the University has admitted people from 33 countries. The Russian freshmen greeted them warmly, hoping that their impressions from Russia would be good.

After the best costume competition (won by a contestant dressed as the Spiderman), Rector was invited on stage again, to pass the Fire of Knowledge, after which the freshmen let fly the Baloon of Wishes accompanied by the sounds of Gaudeamus. The ceremony continued in Central Room, where a concert by laureates and members of the Seven Notes festival was held.

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