RSUH on the Scopus radar

On September 3, 2019, Vice-Rector Pavlenko met with representatives of Elsevier Science & Technology (Scopus). The result of the meeting was an agreement on long-term cooperation in the field of scientometrics.

RSUH has already begun to implement the SciVal platform, based on the data from Scopus. This kind of support will allow the University to assess its strong and weak aspects, perfect its development strategy and create a system of motivation for the effective contract-relevant publications. Pertinent training sessions will be held by experts from Elsevier Science & Technology.

RSUH is planning to set up consultation sessions with the editorial staff of the University Press with a view to expanding the number of articles in peer-reviewed journals with the optimal citation rates.

Also discussed was a possibility to fine-tune and increase the academic and educational profile of the University in various branches. As Dr. Pavlenko noted, “What is important is that it will not be one-time assessment and monitoring of RSUH publications, but a permanent access to the database that will allow to quickly and comprehensively evaluate the situation”.

Scopus is the largest academic abstract and citation database in the world. It is also equipped with tools for data monitoring, analysis and visualization. The database contains 23,700 publications from 5,000 publishing houses on natural and social sciences, humanities, science and technology, medicine and art. Scopus is continually processing a huge amount of information under the strictest quality protocol.

The quality of Scopus data has been recognized by the leading organizations as well as by such rating agencies as THE, QS World University Rankings, Financial Times and others to create international ratings tables for educational institutions. Scopus has been accepted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia as a compendium of objective criteria for assessing effectiveness of institutions of higher education.

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