Getting freshmen in the door


Dear freshmen, dear continuing undergraduate and graduate students,
We would like to wish you all kinds of success in your academic and social life. We hope your studies at our University will help you achieve your professional goals, creative success and that this year will see you through healthy and happy!

This year’s admission welcomed to RSUH young and purposeful people, whose life has now opened a new period, new perspectives and new horizons.

Dear freshmen, a complex yet (we are sure of it) interesting and fascinating job lies ahead of you: to spend several years acquiring a complete set of knowledge, skills and competences, leading to a worthy goal, that is, find your place in life and become upstanding citizens.

We would like to wish you all, both the undergraduate and the graduate students, success and fulfillment in your studies, research and social life. We want you to feel comfortable at RSUH and to employ the full array of the educational and research-related opportunities provided by our university, an institution rich in academic tradition.

We are glad to see you with us! We wish you to achieve all your goals in your studies and you career, for the benefit of our country.

Department of Student Affairs

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