Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Zabotkina talked on the proceedings of the 3rd School of Young Researchers

The School was held within the framework of the project „Cognitive mechanisms and discourse strategies for overcoming the socio-cultural challenges in historical dynamics: multidisciplinary research“.

The main task of the School was to understand the concepts of the main challenges oft eh 21st century and find cognitive mechanisms to withstand them. Experts from Russia, Ireland, France, UK, Hungary and Germany participated in the work of the School.

The list of participants included students from all over Russia.

The opening lecture was read by Dr. Chernigovskaya, member of the Presidential Council on Science and Education who talked on the subject of man in the digital world.

Dr. Velichkovsky, corresponding member of the RAS and Vice-Director of the Kurchatov NBIX Complex, spoke on the subject of neurocognitive research.

Dr. Anokhin spoke on the subject of cognitive revolution.

Dr. Didier Bottineau spoke on the subject of anthropocentric global collapse.

Dr. Kenny Coventry, of the University of East Anglia, spoke on the subject of the visual aspect of cultural interrelation.

Dr. Demyankov, Vice-Director of the Institute of Linguistics of the RAS, spoke on the subject of manipulation in the media.

Dr. Zabotkina spoke on the subject of mental models and discourse in socio-cultural challenges of the 21st century.

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