Quebec Days

The Days opened 2 April 2019. Dr. Medvedev, Dean of the Department of International Relations, mentioned in his speech the importance of regional studies while researching the external and internal policy of a country.

Dr. Zhuravleva, Chair of the Department of American Studies, talked about the specific part Canada played in international relations.

Dr. Isaeva, Head of the Russian-Canadian Center, talked about the history of the Days of Quebec and the Round Table held 27 March on the topic of the legacy of the Cold War.

The round table „Canada in the international relations in the end of Cold War“ comprised five talks on the contributions Canada made towards ending the Cold War, namely, the visit of President Gorbachev to Canada in 1987 (Dr. Ageeva, RAS), on the Cold War in the Arctic Region (Dr. Maksimova, RAS), on Russia entering the G-7 (Dr. Komarov, RSUH), on Canada as international mediator (Alexandre Jacob Roussel and Jean-Philippe Collins-Houde the Laval University, Canada), and on translation of western values through Canada (Dr. Isaeva, RSUH).

Ms. Kim Pawliw, a Geography graduate student, gave a talk on Franklin’s expedition of 1845-1848 in light of geopolitic issues.

The second day was dedicated to presentations by RSUH students about their internship at the Laval University.

The Days went on to continue in St.Petersburg State University, where a conference on Russia and Canada was held 5-6 April. RSUH students gave eleven talks at the student session of this conference. The presentations focused on education (Ms. Chelyapina), music (Ms. Gavrilova), architecture (Ms. Kulakevich), ballet (Mr. Makarov), and others. Mr. Roussel talked on Canadian North and Mr. Houde spoke on Canadian indigenous population.


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