Round Table “The New Cold War as concept and reality”


The Table was held within the framework of the International Conference “Turning points in the Cold War as seen from the West and the East: 1989-2019”. It was moderated by Dr. Lukianov, Chairman of the Praesidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy. The following presentations were made: “Could the Cold War have stoped earlier”  by Dr. Gromyko, Director of the Institute of Europe of the RAS; “Bipolarities in the modern world” by Dr. Garbuzov, Head of the Institute of the USA and Canada; “The Afghan Reconciliation” by Dr. Konarovsky, the Ambassador to Afghanistan; “Leaders of Russia and the US face to face” by Dr. Palazhchenko, Spokesperson for the Gorbachev Foundation; “War and peace in geopolitics of the modern Russia” by Rector Bezborodov, “Russian-American Relations”by Dr. Kramer of Harward University and others.

Vice-rector Titkov in his presentation talked about the meaning of the Cold War concept then and now.

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