Readings in Humanities-2019 “Transformation of Humanities. The Digital Era”


The 12th Forum of the Readings began on March 20. The main topic was how humanities transform in the era of digital technologies.

The welcoming speech was delivered by Rector Bezborodov, President Pivovar and vice-rector Pavlenko, as well as high academic officials from the RAS, RSUH, Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, the History of Fatherland Foundation and the Russian Sosiety of Historians.

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The academiс presentations were made by vice-rectors Dr. Arkhipova, Dr. Zabotkina and Dr. Shkarenkov, Dr. Kolotaev, Dean of the Art History Department, Dr. Kuvshinov, Director of International Institute of New Educational Technologies, Dr. Larin, Chair of the Department of Documentation Support, Dr. Martsinkovskaya, Director of Vygotsky Institute, Dr. Omarov, Director of the Center for Ethno-Political and Ethno-Cultural Studies, Dr. Roganov, Director of Institute of IT and Security of Technology, Dr. Toschenko, Chair of the Department of Theory and History of Sociology, and Dr. Finn, Head of the Department of AI Systems in Humanities.


On March 20, the International Conference on humanities and challenges of the 21st century began its work. Its goal was to create academic tools and models of analysis to be used in the research of the modern sociocultural environment.

The 3rd School of Young Scholars also opened on March 20, with the main discussion topic being “Sociocultural challenges of the 21st century and the methods of solving them with humanities”.

The Reading will close on June 20, 2019.


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