The 10th inter-university student conference “Observer of distorted worlds: poetics and reception”

The event was held 14-15 March 2019 at the Institute of Philology and History, organized by the Humanities Meetings project and the Seminar “The Visual in Literature”, headed by Dr. Lavlinsky and Dr. Malkina.


There were 36 presentations from 12 Russian Universities. The conference began with a section “Observer’s Optics” comprising presentations on perception of humens by a non-human mind. Ms. Razikhina spoke on novellas by Brusov, Ms. Platonova on works by Krzhizhanovsky, Ms. Anna Medvedeva on Nabokov and Ms. Glazova on the topic of hyper-vision. MS. Erikh anf Mr. Potashev spoke on the works by Sosnovsky, Ms. Babushkina on Teffi, Ms. Sabitova on Boyne, Ms. Leonova on Kurguzova and Dragunskaya, Ms. Alisa Medvedeva on works by Sobakin.


The second section, called “Observer-reader and points of view”, comprised presentations by Ms. Monkhbat on the phenomenon of apartment in modern dramaturgy, Mr. Makhov on the works by K.S. Lewis, Ms. Firsova on the novel “Luzhin’s defense” by Nabokov and Ms. Belyakova on the poetry of Rilke.


The third section, «Alternative space: chronotope and the visual arts”, comprised presentations on photography (Ms. Samarkina), paratext (Ms. Eremenko), poetry by Aigi (Ms. Andreyanova), rock poetry (Mr. Ryzhkov), and Lem’s “Solaris” (Ms. Zakirova).


The fourth section on lyrical subject as observer, was opened by a presentation on Zabolotsky (Ms. Bulatova), poetry of Aronzon (Ms. Lozitskaya), Russian meta-realism (Mr. Masalov), poetry by Dragomaschenko (Ms. Ganoshenko), and the poetry of “Auktsyon” rock group (Ms. Naumova).


The section “Narrator as observer” the presentations were made on the works of Rulfo (Mr. Schetinkin), Rybakov (Ms. Zakharova), S. Krzhizhanovsky (Mr. Nemtsev), filmmakers Jarmusch (Mr. Lee), Benson and Moorhead (Ms. Isaeva).


The final section on distorted reality included presentations on Meyrink (Ms. Proskuryakova), Sasha Sokolov (Ms. Aleinikova), poetry by Kormiltsev (Ms. Yavtseva), folklore horror (Ms. Guskova), distorted reality in cinema (Ms. Lyasnikova and Mr. Budnikov), woks by Daniel Keyes (Ms. Besova), works

by Slavnikova (Ms. Sibiryakova)


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