Photo exhibition “I have always been an armchait researcher“ commemorating the 70th anniversary of the first publication by Dr. Knorozov

The Exhibition was opened in the Exhibition Hall on February 22, organized by the Knorozov Mesoamerican Center. It presents 30 photos lent by the Knorozov family, Dr. Ershova, Director of the Center and Dr. Soboleva, a Knorozov’s pupil.

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The first article by Knorozov was published in 1952 on the subject of the ancient writing system of Centroamerica. In 1955 Knorozov was awarded the title of Doktor of Sciences and soon he was known as the unique decoder of Mayan writings and the founder of the Russian Mayan studies school.

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Not only was Dr. Knorozov the first to decode the Mayan writings, he also provided the correct pronunication of all the Mayan language graphemes, of which he counted 355. He was able to do it all without leaving his office, basing his research on three extant manuscripts.

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However, it was only in 1990s that Dr. Knorozov was able to visit Mexico where he was awarded the Grand Order of the Quetzal. In 1994 was was awarded the Order of Aztec Eagle, which the Mexican government gives only to those foreign indivuduals who provided invaluable service to the country.

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Dr. Knorozov also researched shamanistic cults, the Easter Island proto-Indian writings, and the Great Indian Migration to America from the Kuriles.

The exhibition is open until March 7.

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