Student conference “Academic approach to modern tourism”

The Conference took place February 21, 2019, with English as the working language. The event was directed by Dr. Kataeva and Dr. Vorontsova, assisted by Dr. Kondrashova and Dr. Uvarov (Department of Foreign Languages).

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The overall attendance was 41 students comprising 11 presentations. The attending and presenting students were the ones majoring in management, social anthropology, history, political science and law.

Dr. Lepe, Dean of the School of Management, pointed out the importance of the event in his welcoming speech.

The list of topics included:

·        Tourism as it empacts economy

·        Soccer tourism in Russia in 2018

·        Tourism in Bhutan

·        Tourism in East Africa

·        Tourism in Afghanistan

·        Types of tourism

·        Advertising in tourism

·        Rights of tourists

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 The diplomas were ranged according tot he followng categories: Best Juridical Research (Ms. Zharova),  Best Economic Research (first place, Mr. Vatsanyuk), Best Economic Research (second place, Ms. Rytikova), Best Anthropological Research (first place, Mr. Novikov), Best Anthropological Research (second place, Mr. Gavrusev), Best Advertising Research (first place, Ms. Kostygina), Fluency in Profile Terminology (Ms. Burkeeva), Emotional and Aesthetic Impression (first place, Ms. Ershova), Emotional and Aesthetic Impression (second place, Ms. Gordienko), Presentation Skills (Mr. Muratov), Language Accuracy (Ms. Zotova), Best Moderator (Ms. Schegoleva), The most original interpretation of the topic  (Mr Emelyanov).

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