Dr. Galina Ershova, Director of Knorozov Mesoamerican Center at RSUH, talks about new plans and projects upon returning from Latin America

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How often do you travel to Latin America?

Regularly, as we have ongoing projects in our two Centers, in Mexico and Guatemala. We have recently awarded a gonoris causa to Ms Mercedes de la Garza and unveiled a photo exhibition dedicated to Knorozov.

What academic perspectives does RSUH have in Latin America?

We are currently negotiating with MAYAB University and are planning to move to a bigger place in Merida. Other projects include publishing a collection of articles and conducting a round table in homage to Knorozov in June-July in Chetumala. The Chetumala Congress is a key event for us as it was after the 1995 Congress that Knorozov’s name reverberated through the whole country.

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What projects and discoveries can you tell us about?

We are researching rupestral painting in the canyon  Casa de las Golodrinas  and at the same time developing a process whereby one can reconstruct such paintings noninvasively. All this will be  described atn the Congress on Rupestral Painting in September.

Another ongoing project is the “Epigraphic atlas” that is awaiting confirmation of its next stage. This is the academic platform we occupy in researching Mayan texts.

Another very important project is the Mayapedia. The framework is in place and now we have to fill it with content.

Открытая лекция археолога Кристиана Алонсо Эрнандеса, организованная центором эпиграфики майя _Юрий Кнорозовв г. Мерида .jpg

Is it in Spanish or Russian?

We are planning to do it in Spanish, Russian and English and its content will be closely moderated, all articles written by experts only. You can find it on М and its mirrors М and М

Is the photo exhibition in Latin Amrica similar to the one opened at RSUH?

Yes, they are basically the same.


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