RSUH hosted the presentation of the movie “Ismail and his people”. The director Evgeny Kozhokin met with students

The event took place February 13. The movie follows the life and activity of Ismail Gasprinski, a great Crimean Tatar intellectual and leader in the 19- beginning of the 20th cent.

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The movie symbolizes, among other things, the reestablishment of national justice and national identity on the light of return of the Crimea in the RF.


The movie hailes the idea of unity among peoples comprising Russia, exemplifying in its various characters a common idea, that of the joint destiny for the Crimea and Russia.


Dr. Kozhokin, Vice-Rector of MGIMO, took over 20 years to complete the film. He has been researching the Crimean Tatar’s history since the end of 1980s.

The film consist of three parts: “Casualness of eternity”, “Bewitched by history” and “The teacher of teachers”.

We learn of Gasprinski’s ideas and activity through the characters’ monologues and his main aspiration was, as it transpires, to have the Crimea and Russia united.


Dr. Magomed Omarov, Director of Center for Research of Ethno-Political and Ethno-Cultural Processes, said that such movies do a lot to get people to treat each other better and to make xenophobic tendencies disappear.


Rector Bezborodov talked about research of the Crimea and its people conducted at RSUH.

Gasprinski’s legacy is far-reaching and multi-dimensional. The system of school education, developed by him, is now in use in seven CIS countries and Turkey. He campaigned for unity and cooperation between the Turkiс peoples and Russia. Although his ideas were silenced in the Soviet times, we can now say that a true Gasprinski Renaissance is taking place. His great nephew Ilyas Belyalov calls Gasprinski “the granddad of the Turkic nation”.

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Georgy Muradov, Crimean Deputy Prime Minister, also present at the event, said that the Russian nation was the core nation when it came to preserving other nations and the unity between the Crimea and Russia was a formula for success for both.

The screening was followed by a discussion, moderated by Vice-Rector Pavlenko, who said that such discussions went a long way towards shaping of civic consciousness.

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