Russian Language and Culture Days at the University of Trieste, Italy

The event took place 17-18 December 2018, organized by RSUH within the state program “Education development”. The body of experts consisted of academics form Institute of Linguistics and Institute of Philology and History (RSUH) and the Higher School of Translation and Interpreting (University of Trieste).


The participants were welcomed by RSUH Vice-Rector Pavlenko, Dr. Lorenza Rega, Head of the School of Translation and Interpreting, and Dr. Margherita De Michiel.

Dr. Krongauz presented a paper on speech etiquette in Russia, in which he spoke on communicative strategies behind the notion of politeness.

Dr. Bragina’s presentation focused on humor on the Internet: web postcards, demotivators, and such.

Dr. Sharonov presented a paper on stereotypical formulae of Russian dialogue, in which he specifically spoke on the subject of desemantized units, with zero information value.

Dr. Pipersky presented a lecture on National Corpus of Russian Language and other linguistic corpora.

Dr. Bak led a master class on reading and understanding Russian poetry of 1960-2019.

Professor Domansky presented a paper on Russian rock poetry in which he spoke on the subject of specificity of rock lyrics.

Dr. Korchinsky spoke on the phenomenon of Egor Letov as a figure of synthetic art, compasinf the mass and and the elitist approaches.

The conference concluded with a round table on Russian language and Russian cultire Over 200 people participated in the event.

Over 200 people participated in the event.

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