Seminar “Russian academic presence in Latin America in 19-21st centuries”

The Seminar was conducted 29 November 2018 at RSUH, organized by the Knorozov Mesoamerican Center and Solzhenitsyn House for the Russian Diaspora.


Rector Bezborodov delivered a welcome speech in which he spoke about the Soviet Radio Moskva, various aspects of analysis of the Latin American situation and media-related research of the subject in the USSR. Rector said that it was very important to allow for different points of view when researching a topic and added that RSUH had always had a tradition of international meetings with representatives from Latin American countries.


The topics discussed at the Seminar were:

Geography of the Russian presence in Latin America

Waves and influxes of Russian presence

Individual examples

Research schools and laboratories set up by Russian emigrants in Latin America.


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