Director of “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky visited RSUH and met with students

The meeting took place after a free screening of “Sobibor”. Mr. Khabensky talked about challenged he had to overcome while making the movie and the professional discoveries it allowed him to have.




The students asked a lot of questions and the director did his best to answer them.



He said, among other things, that prior to receiving the script he had known nothing about the Sobibor incidents. But then he read the script and the story enthralled him. He met with the protagonist’s daughter and granddaughter, read their family archive and all this led to the creation of the movie. The film presented a toned-down version of the original script but, as Mr. Khabensky hopes, it still provides enough emotional tension and suspense.


We thank Konstantin Khabensky and wish him further creative success.

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