International Conference “Digital Society in Cultural and Historical Paradigm”

The event took place 15-16 October 2018 in RSUH, organized by Vygotsky Institute, Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Education, Department of Psychology of MSU and Institute of Psychology of RAS.


The foreign participants came from Bordeaux Montaigne University (France), National Center for Research (France) and University of Pennsylvania (US).


The welcoming speeches were delivered by the representatives of the organizing institutions in which they expressed their hope that the Conference would serve as a forum for open dialogue, which would lead to other, more expanded, events.


The main presentations touched upon the following topics:

•          Phenomenology in digital society (Dr. A. Asmolov, Dr. G. Asmolov)

•          Cyberspace and psychology (Dr. Voyskunsky)

•          Socialization of digital generation (Dr. Soldatova)

•          IT and higher psychological functions (Dr. Tkhostov)

•          Research and counter-research objects in pre-digital and digital society (Dr. Poddyakov)

•          Internet identity (Dr. Belinskaya)

The sections were:

•          Homo Digital

•          Existential issues in virtual reality

•          IT and higher psychological functions

•          Development of children and teenagers

•          Social psychology

•          Student research society


The Conference will publish a collection of articles.

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