Dr. Logunov, Dean of School of History, Political Science and Law, brought in as expert for a film on Tyutchev by the “Rossiya-Kultura” Channel

In the interview Dr. Logunov talked about how poetry talent and diplomacy had blended in Tyutchev. He described what it had been like to be a censor in the 19th century when all the ruling families in Europe were interrelated through blood and intermarriage. The genius of Tyutchev, as appeared, existed on a watershed of two eras: the one when Russia was hailed by Europe as the vanquisher of Napoleon and the other, when it was demonized and feared. As a result, that duality was reflected in his works, which is very interesting from a historical point of view.


Irina Izvolova, the film director, was grateful for Dr. Logunov’s political and historical analysis of the period.


The film, timed to coincide with the poet’s birthday, will be broadcast in the beginning of December.

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