International Conference “World War I and Russian-Turkish Relations in the early 20th century”

The event took place April 4-5, 2018, organized by the Russian-Turkish Center of RSUH jointly with Turkish Historical Society of the Ataturk High Council for Culture, History and Language at the Cabinet of Prime Minister of Turkey, Center for Eurasian Research in Ankara, the History of Fatherland Foundation and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the RAS.

Over thirty Turkish experts and officials participated in the event. The Turkish delegation was headed by Dr. Refik Turan, a renowned historian of the Ottoman Empire and President of the Turkish Historical Society, who opened the Conference with Dr. Mogilevsky, Director of the Foundation.

Concluding the proceedings, Dr. Turan proposed the idea of creating a Russian-Turkish Mixed Commission of Historians to coordinate historical research of the two countries and to publish resulting materials.

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