Round Table “The Future of Our Past-4: Historiography of the Revolution”

The Table took place 13 December 2017, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. It was traditionally organized by the Department of History and Theory of the School of History, Political Science and Law. 

Dr. Logunov, Dean of the School, opened the Table by saying that the Revolution needed to be reevaluated and Dr. Mogilevsky, Executive Director of the History of the Fatherland Foundation, took this idea further and said that the events of the 1917-1922 period in Russia had been gradually regarded as a single revolutionary process in the Russian academic community.

Dr. Soloviev, RSUH and RAS professor of history, talked about various aspects and approaches to research of the period of the Revolution, stating that the analysis was far from complete.

Dr. Gaida, of the Department of History of Russia, 19-the beginning of the 20th Cent at MGU, delivered a presentation on the nature of opposition in Russia in the pre-February 1917 period. He pointed out that the State Duma of the period had contributed a lot to the success of the movement of workers and soldiers of Petrograd.

Dr. Tumanova, of the Department of Theory and History of Law of the HSE, presented a collection of articles “Russia Before the Great Upheaval: A Socio-Economic Atlas. 1906-1914” and pointed out that by 1917 the Russian society had ceased to be defined by class and gravitated more to be aligned according to the professional activity of its representatives.

Dr. Illeritskaya, professor of History of RSUH, presented a historiographical interpretation of the Great Revolution of 1917.

Dr. Dolgova, Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities, spoke on the subject of the “revolutionary research” as evaluated with scientometric tools.

Dr. Antonova, professor at the Department of Theory and Practice of Public Relations, spoke on the subject of revolutionary rhetoric.

Dr. Novoselsky, of the Department of History and Theory of the School of History, spoke on the subject of the pre-1917 revolutionary crises.


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