National Expert Analytical Conference “On Realization of the Strategy of State National Policy of the RF until 2025”

The event took place 19 December 2017, organized by the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations, the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs and RSUH. The goal of the Conference was to discuss policy conducive to interethnic peace and agreement and harmonization of interethnic relations.

Vice-Rector Bezborodov welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of discussing history and tendencies of the development of interethnic relation in Russia.

Mr. Magomedov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, pointed out in his speech that the interethnic situation had improved in the past five years. He emphasized the importance of concerted actions of all agencies, financed from the sole federal source, which would allow not only to control the situation, but also to plan ahead. He also mentioned ethno-confessional factors and the role they played in the national security of the RF.

Mr. Barinov, Head of Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, spoke about the approaches for solving issues arising in the area of national policy. One such tasks is to revive the ethno-cultural element in education.

Mr. Zenkovich, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, spoke about the importance of the Conference, and the key role the educational system played in addressing interethnic issues.

Ms. Vasilieva, Minister of Education and Science, spoke about long-term goals for harmonization of inter-ethnic relations and assured the audience that the task was doable.

Mr. Melnichenko, Head of the Federation Council Committee for Federative Structure, Regional Politics, Local Self-Government and Affairs of the North, spoke about the legal side of the realization of the state national policy. He said that in order for the policy to be carried out in a clear and consistent way, the State needed a unified system of legal concepts that would be all construed in a clear way, without any hint of discretionary interpretation.

Mr. Gilmutdinov, Chairman of the Committee for Nationalities of the Russian State Duma, thanked the representatives of the national socio-cultural organizations for attending the conference, saying that these organizations had a pressing need for financing if they were to carry out the inter-ethnic policy-related tasks in Russia. 

Ms. Kirillova, Head of the General Administration for Migration Affairs at the Ministry for Internal Affairs, described the hurdles on the way to the realization of the new policy, mentioning national differences existing in different subjects, the problem of corruption in certain areas, and the many dimensions one needed to consider when implementing all aspects of the policy.

Vice-Rector Pavlenko thanked the participants for their expert opinions in the area of national policy.

The topics and areas that the speakers and experts touched upon included: suggestions for improvements of the national policy, civic identity, short-term results of the policy, methods for strengthening the national unity.

The plenary session concluded with a press conference.

The conference was divided into five sections, at which were discussed the topics of education, patriotic upbringing of the youth, migrant adaptation, preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity, and media support for the realization of the policy. 

Dr. Omarov, Head of the Center for Ethno-Political and Ethno-Cultural Processes of RSUH, spoke on the subject of the linguistic situation of Russia and the need to show, at the highest level, the state support of multiculturalism and diversity. 

In conclusion, Vice-Rector Bezborodov thanked the participants and expressed confidence that such events would be conducted at RSUH regularly. 









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