International conference “Russian language, literature and history in cross-cultural environment”

The event took place on November 15-16 in the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy), organized by RSUH and founded via a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.

Dr. Shunikov, Head of the Institute of Extended Education, opened the event with a lecture on tendencies in modern Russian literature in the description of the Revolution and Civil War period,, its uniqueness, its stylistic tendencies and the ways it is taught.

Dr. Evgrafova, of the Department of Russian Language of RSUH, spoke on words, objects and notions in the 21st century, how they were learned and how their meaning often became depleted.

Dr. Krongauz, Head of the Department of Russian, conducted a master class on comparative analysis of the language of the beginning of the 20th and the 21st centuries.

The round table “Theater and the Revolution” included presentations on how the Revolution influenced the theater and what new tendencies were created.

Dr. Isaev, Acting Head of the Institute of Linguistics of RSUH, spoke on the subject of Russian dialects and the post-1917 language policy.

Dr. Kreidlin, of the Department of Russian Language of RSUH, moderated a round table on the subject of Russian language and body language and their comparison with semiotic conceptualizations of the body notion in various cultures.

The Conference ended with performance at the University at which Italian colleagues read poetry by Mayakovsky.

Over 200 people participated in the Conference.


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