Exhibition “The 1917 Revolution in Moscow street: archive documents and photos”

The event opened in Nikolskaya street outside the building of RSUH on November 14, 2017/ It was put together by the Russian Society of Historians and Archivists and the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH, with the support of the Russian Historical Society and the “History of the Motherland” Foundation.


Dr. Malysheva, a RSUH Dean, spoke in the opening speech on the importance and significance of the event.

Dr. Mogilevsky, Head of the Foundation, touched, among other things, upon the symbolism of the event. Acting Rector Bezborodov and President Pivovar also spoke at the event.

Dr. Malysheva said that the significance of the exhibition lay within its very topic. Dr. Mogilevsky talked about the symbolism of the event.


Acting Rector Bezborodov spoke on the architecture of the street as being very conducive to such events.

President Pivovar said that the Exhibition represented a new step for RSUH development.

The exposition consists of five stands, each one representing a certain facet of city life in the moment of the Revolution.

Stand One shows the creation of new organs of state administration.


Stands Two and Three show various aspects of Moscow everyday life.

Stand Four shows social and political life of Moscow.

Stand Five represents armed skirmishes between the Bolsheviks and the regular army, namely, pupils of military schools.

The exhibition will end on December 15, 2017.


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