A lecture by Joe Lombardo “Leftist movement in the US”

Mr. Lombardo, co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition, delivered a lecture “Leftist movement in the US”. The event was organized by the Department of International Relations and coordinated by Vice-Rector Pavlenko.


Mr. Lombardo explained that the US involvement in Vietnam conflict, having originally been embraced by the population, had quickly turned into a symbol of protest in the country. He went on to criticize the current foreign policy of the US, calling it hegemonial and based on a double-standard approach, culminating in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, tensions in North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.


Mr. Lombardo expressed an opinion that changes in foreign policy could only be effected via actions performed by the civil society, giving examples of protests led by UNAC, specifically, the one in Chicago 2012. He emphasized that such actions had to be peaceful in nature.


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