Inter-university conference “Modern research methods in art and culture studies”

The event took place 16-17 October 2017, organized by the History School of RSUH.


The topic of the first section was  monument attribution. Dr. Polezhaeva (MSU) talked about attribution of Classical originals and their copies. Dr. Shabaeva (HSE) spoke on the subject of the Turin-Milan Hours. Dr. Gruznova (HSE) spoke on the subject of attribution of vanitas still lifes.


The topic of the second session was “Concepts in art history». Dr. Rud’ (MSU) spoke on the subject of Latin American conceptualism in the 1960-80s. Dr. Chvyakina (RSUH) spoke on the subject of entering objects of technology into the context of modern art. Dr. Dmitrieva (HSE) spoke on the subject of formalization of terminology of art criticism in the 18th century. Dr. Chubar’ (HSE) spoke on the subject of the rebirth of the modern art in the second millennium.


The third section focused on interdisciplinary research. Dr. Marsowa (Carlow University, Prague) spoke on the subject of neuroscience and art history theory of the Renaissance. Dr. Lyamin (independent researcher) spoke on the subject of the relation between hermeneutics and modern romantic painting art.


The fourth section centered around interdisciplinary research in the field of museumification of art. Dr. Kalashnikov (RSUH) spoke on the subject of museum ekphrasis. Dr. Kirsanova (RSUH) spoke on the intervention of modern art into classic museums. Dr. Yanchenko (RSUH) spoke on the subject of exhibition platforms at colleges. Dr. Sergusheva (RSUH) spoke on the role the Russian museums could play in the preservation of the culture of American Indians.


The fifth section focused on the role of the press in creating aesthetic preferences and raising overall cultural level. Dr. Blinova (RSUH) spoke on the subject of the role of culture-promoting magazines in large industrial cities.  Dr. Shelpuk (RSUH) spoke on the role of magazines as intermediary medium between newly published books and people. Dr. Krivatkin (RSUH) spoke on of the subject of typographics. Dr. Vereschagina (RSUH) spoke on the subject of classification of types of design.


The sixth section focused on museology. Dr. Leschenko (RSUH) spoke on the subject spoke on the subject of decolonization of knowledge. Dr. Talipova spoke on the subject of Russian pictorealists. Dr. Stefko spoke on the subject of new understanding of museum-related professions. Undergraduate and graduate students of RSUH made presentations and delivered talks on such subjects as modern methods of collecting information, Mechnikov concept and others.


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The seventh section centered around governing laws in the development of modern art. Dr. Khachatryan (RSUH) spoke on the subject of Antonio Meneghetti. Dr. Sarkisyan (RSUH) spoke on Arte Povera. Dr. Zhuravlyova (RSUH) spoke on the subject of Soviet conceptualism. Dr. Belonenko (RSUH) spoke on the subject of Russian art and its relationship with state institutions. Dr. Shulgina (RSUH) spoke on the status of curator. Dr. Fesik (RSUH) spoke on the subject of art of Andy Warhol as a marketing strategy. Dr. Manuylova (RSUH) spoke on the subject of the institutionalizing of new art forms. Dr. Loseva (RSUH) spoke on the subject of performative practices in American art. 


The materials of the conference can serve to further promote interdisciplinary perspectives in art criticism, new attribution methods, art interpretation and art exhibition.


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