The 6th Inter-university Symposium of Young Academics “Marketing communications as a universe of academic and professional activity”

The event, held within the framework of the Days of Student Research, took place 12 October 2017, organized by the Department of Marketing and Advertising of RSUH and Department of Advertising and PR of RANEPA, supported by the AKAR Communication Association.

The presenters at the event were graduate students of RSUH, Higher School of Economics and RANEPA.

The main topic of the Conference was innovative technologies, augmented reality, interactive gaming, social media, etc. in the commercial and social brand promotion.

Ms. Plotnikova (RSUH) spoke about tendencies of marketing innovations.

Mr. Roslov and Mr.Ovsyannikov (HSE) shared the results of a comparative analysis of private and state medical organizations.

Ms Cheryomushkina (RSUH) spoke about pharmaceutical product portfolio.

Ms Makarova (RSUH) spoke about advertising in fashion industry.

Ms Paderina (RANEPA) presented an analysis of development of the Russian advertising market.

Ms Azarova, Ms Penkina and Ms Ubushaeva (RSUH) spoke about social quests as innovative marketing technologies.

Mr Arabuli (RAPEPA) spoke about advertising in social media.

Ms Molostova (RSUH) spoke about ethnomarketing.

Ms Pribytko (RANEPA) spoke about brand promotion exemplified by the SAMSUNG advertising campaign.

Mr Kruk (RSUH) spoke about digital technologies and their influence on info-environment.

Ms Timurzieva (HSE) spoke about factors determining the choice of a primary medical organization by patients with pathologies of ear, nose and throat in Russia and Germany.

Ms Konstantinova (RSUH) spoke about advertising on FMCG market.

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