The 7th International Tourism Day at RSUH

The event, in the format of a forum, took place 9 October 2017, organized by the Dept of Tourism.


The Forum was opened by Dr. Logunov, Dean of the School of History, Political Science and Law, who talked about the need of constant interrelation between the academic and practical areas of the profession.


Vice-Rector Pavlenko spoke about the importance of similar events in the University context.


Dean Logunov and Mr. Stephan Busch, Head of the Moscow Campus of SWISSAM, presented letters of appreciation to over 15 representative of partner companies that had taken an active part in organizing and providing internships for students and contributing to raising the bar in higher education.


Dr. Azernikova, Deputy Chair of the Dept of Tourism, talked about the sustainable development of tourism in Russia and on the international level and the need for state regulation in this sphere.


Dr. Gorelova, co-organizer of the Forum and Head of the Tourism educational program, spoke on the cooperation between RSUH and leading tourist operators.


Dr. Dronova, Head of the International Center for Responsible Tourism, spoke about the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism.


Mr. Yakovlev, Assistant to the Director of the International Center for Responsible Tourism, presented the Internet site TVIL.RU designed for hotel booking and apartment renting.  


The winner of the FUTURETOUR competition, held by the Forum, was the project “Site reconstruction as a developmental factor for sustainable tourism” by Ms. Dubina, a RSUH senior. Second place was taken by Mr. Kopachiov and Ms. Kravchenko, freshmen, with the project “The Port of Balaklava: development concept”. Third place went to Mr. Kalinin, a senior, with the project “Technological tendencies in tourism”.


A personal prize from the tourist operator “Magazin Puteshestviy” was presented to Ms. Samkova, a freshman, for her project “Safe tourism in Moscow” and Ms. Korosteleva, a freshman, received an award from the Golubino hotel for her project “Low-cost airline companies and their importance for tourism”.


The HeadHunter group was, traditionally, the info-partner of the Forum.



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