International Conference “Russian Revolution and the World”

The event took place 14 September at the House of Russian Historical Society within the framework of the project “Russia and Revolution. 1917-2017”. RSUH was represented by Acting Rector Bezborodov, Vice-rector Pavlenko and Dr. Malyshev, Dean of the Dept of Archive Studies.


Dr. Narochnitskaya, President of the Foundation of Historical Perspective called for an objective treatment of the century-old events.

Dr. Mogilevsky, Executive Director of the Fatherland History Foundation thanked the participants for the choice of venue and defined the agenda of the Conference.

Dr. Chubaryan, Chair of the National Committee of Russian Historians of the Academy of Sciences, spoke on the external and internal tendencies of research of the Revolution and about the interest it had provoked all over the world, becoming the main event of the 20th century.

Dr. Trubetskoy, Executive Director of the “Franco-Russian Dialogue” foundation, spoke on the progress of the pre-Revolution Russian Empire that had been unjustly forgotten, saying that the October takeover may not have been necessary and that repentance was in order.  

Dr. Moskvin, Director of the Solzhenitsyn House for the Russian Diaspora, said that the analysis of the Revolution by the Russian researchers living abroad was also very important and that a Museum of the Russian Diaspora was due to open soon.

Dr. Petrov, Director of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about the interest the Eastern world was displaying toward the topic of the Revolution, saying that conferences focused on it were to take place in Seоul, Beijing and Shanghai.

Acting Rector Bezborodov expounded on the topic of the Unified Test on History that was scheduled to soon become compulsory which would mean that the topic of the Revolution would have to be revisited in higher school.


Jacques Sapir, Director of CEMI-EHESS, and John Lockland, Director of IDC Research Programs were the foreign researchers that also made presentations at the event.

(materials of Russian Historical Society)

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