Acting Rector Bezborodov spoke on perspective development of RSUH

How will the transition to effective contract (EF) take place? 

The transition, initiated by the Ministry, is to stimulate professional activity and help adapt to new salary guidelines. The ultimate task is to finalize a new EF system, yet in such a way that RSUH faculty won’t have a lowered salary, and currently there are about 140 RSUH faculty members who could be in this danger. The goal of EF is to support those researchers who are the most professionally active.    

The number of grants is one of markers of development of a university. What grants are currently active at RSUH? 

We have 51 academic tracks that had grants in the 2016-2017 academic year, it is about 136 mln rubles. They are presidential grants, grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation and Erasmus+ grants. 

How often does RSUH announce new educational programs?

Very often, I can give as an example some MA programs: “Russia and the world”, “Ancient and Mediterranean Egypt”, “Russia and the Near East”, “Hebrew theology and culture” and others. Two years ago RSUH opened BA programs for document studies, expert evaluation/restoration, and records management. Last year two new MA programs were introduced, “Cognitive and software support for robots” and “Visual media arts”. This year RSUH has announced BA programs for international relations in Eurasia and Russian mission in the Near East. 

According to the data form the Ministry, RSUH has strengthened its research position. How and in what areas has it achieved it? 

We are trying to attract and academically support young researchers. The most productive areas are history, archive studies, Russian language, philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, IT security, AI, digital humanities, and others.  On behalf of the Ministry the University is developing a concept of educational modules for history and philosophy if Russia. Last summer RSUH hosted an expert discussion of graduate school reform, in which 56 leading Russian and European universities took place. 

What about international relations? What programs does RSUH participate in? 

Erasmus+, DAAD, British Council, Library of Congress of the US, Italian Institute of Culture, Cervantes Institute, Campus France, Horizon 2020. We work jointly with over 100 universities of the world, have a joint degree program with the Sorbonne, University of Bologna, Albert Ludvigs University, Paris 8 and others. The share of international students at RSUH is 5.5%. We have 18 international education and research centers where students can have in-depth studies of history, culture and languages of various countries. 

Any plans to review the property conflict in Nikolskaya? 

Only if we talk about the “Godunov” restaurant. 

Are there any current plans to perform a full due diligence? 

Absolutely, this will be performed by an independent company following the meeting we had on Friday. 

Any changes to RSUH employment policy? 

The main faculty body will be preserved as we have always been careful and respectful in dealing with our specialists.

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