The “Top Graduate – 2017” ceremony

The event took place July 4 in Central Hall where 200 top RSUH graduates received certificates of merit and commemorative souvenirs.


Rector Ivakhnenko said in his speech that he hoped that the graduates would prove their worth and would never forget their alma mater.


President Pivovar addressed the graduates as future colleagues, telling them to remember that the student brotherhood was a powerful thing that would help them in difficult life situations. He also wished them never to stop educating themselves and to share their expertise and knowledge.


Vice-Rector Bolkvadze said that the ceremony actually was honoring those that had contributed the most to the positive image of RSUH and to the strengthening of its positions everywhere. He also explained the meaning of the souvenir key given to the students saying that it was to be the key that would open all doors.


Mr. Belyaev, Chair of the Public Council at the Department of Education of Moscow, wished the graduates to find that door that led to happy and fruitful life and to proudly carry on the spirit of RSUH. 



For the first time in history of the ceremony gold medals with RSUH logo and letters of acknowledgement were given to the following RSUH Vice Deans:
Dr. Trukhachyov, Vice Dean of the Dept of International Relations, for organizing events aimed at creating tolerance, sense of civil liberty and democratic views.
Dr. Gavrilicheva, Vice Dean of the Dept of History of Arts, for organizing cultural events.
Dr. Perevoschikova, Vice Dean of the Vygotsky Institute, for organizing freshman orientation events.
Dr. Zabavina, Vice Dean of the Institute of Philology and History, for organizing socially relevant events.
Dr. Krainova, Vice Dean of the Dept of Philosophy, for organizing student research-related events.
Dr. Narsiya, Vice Dean of the Dept of History, Political Science and Law, for organizing University-wide events.

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