International student round table “Research, Economics, Society: issues and perspective development

The event took place June 16, as part of the 17th Chayanov Readings. It was organized by the Department of Economics and College of Humanities. The participants were students of RSUH, College of Humanities of RSUH and Rīgas Rīnūžu vidusskola (Riga, Latvia).

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Dr. Umnov, Dean of the Department of Economics, gave a welcoming speech.

Presentations were made by the students of RSUH (М.А. Orkusha) and Rīgas Rīnūžu vidusskola (O. Marčenko). 



Research papers were presented by Ms Alisa Šabalina (Rīgas Rīnūžu vidusskola), Tamara Mdinaradze (RSUH), Ruslan Zeinalov (College of Humanities), Darja Pupkova (Rīgas Rīnūžu vidusskola), Nikita Fadin (RSUH) and Aleksandrs Mūrans (Rīgas Rīnūžu vidusskola).

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Ms Mdinaradze spoke on tax break impact on Russian regions.

Mr Zeinalov analyzed state social policy.

Ms Pupkova spoke on the impact of multiculturalism on European society.

Mr Fadin spoke on work integration of disabled people.

Mr. Mūrans spoke on everyday influence of cryptography on the life of people.

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