Gala Concert of the 7th “Seven Notes” Talent Festival

The event took place May 29 in the Central Hall. The nominations were Vocalism, Choreography, Declamation, Instrumental Music and Artwork. The finalists were RSUH majors and Preparatory School students. The Concert was opened by Mrs Kozharina (Student Affairs Office) and Mr. Artamonov (MA Psychology major). The panel of judges consisted of:

 • Mr Fokin, LENKOM Theater, Panel Chair. 

• Ms Abdullina, State Russian House of Folk Arts 

• Dr. Ivanov, GITIS


Vocalism – Mr. Margorin, Mr. Djagaryan (1st place), Ms Postolit, Ms Trufanova (2nd place), Ms Djudjishvili, Ms Chenchikova (3rd place). 

Choreography - Mr Ivanov (1st place), Ms Arkhincheeva, Ms Tulupova (2nd place), Ms Karsutseva, Ms Selivyorstova, Ms Vishnivetskaya (3rd place). 

Declamation - Ms Yadrets (1st place), Mr Vlasov (2nd place), Mr Nebykov (3rd place). 

Instrumental Music- Ms Slatina (1st place), Mr Artamonov, Ms Rusanova (2nd place), Mr Gorodin (No Name Group), Ms Nosova, Mr Lundin, Ms Safronova, Mr Krasnov, Mr Doroshenko (3rd place). 

Ms Kulikova received the Rector’s Prize and Mr Doroshenko took People’s Choice Award. The entries in the Artwork nomination were exhibited in the RSUH Exhibition Hall. The winners were: Ms Palachar (1st place), Ms Isaeva (2nd place), Ms Chicherina (3rd place). Congratulations to all!


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